Musk Towers

One of our long-term goals is to create Musk towers in every metropolis. It is envisaged that these buildings would provide free housing for those who move in. A good example of this is the gipsy minority in the Eastern European region. This group of people is characterized by a collecting lifestyle, which in their case is mainly the collection of non-ferrous scrap, mainly yellow and red copper, due to its high cost. But they also diligently collect aluminum, lead, iron and all other recyclable materials. This positive feature is very useful in maintaining the ecological balance of the Earth and thus one of the most useful peoples on the planet. Of course, members of any other ethnic group can apply to live as long as the person’s daily activities serve to maintain the balance of nature. Our team hopes that the Musk Tower buildings will be built with their masses as soon as possible to preserve the present state of this amazing planet.