MayDay! MayDay! the bottom of hell is infinite and the fall in it is constant.

Anti Elon Musk is the number one anti-troll movement in the world whose official cryptocurrency is ANTIEM. The movement was created to raise awareness of serious social problems and thereby encourage people to take responsibility. So we hereby declare 2022 the year of the campaign against Elon Musk. What the 2008 global economic crisis meant to Satoshi Nakamoto is that the creation of Bitcoin for the Anti Elon Musk movement is a measure of global social problems and that Elon Musk has become Man of the Year, according to Time magazine.

Point Zero

Anti Elon Musk Cryptocurrency was born on 21.12.2021 (it can’t be a coincidence) this winter solstice, which is the darkest day of the year, henceforth the days are getting longer. After the birth of the ANTIEM cryptocurrency, mysterious forces began to move around our world and on January 1, 2022, the Anti Elon Musk movement (Zero Point) began. From then on, the Anti Elon Musk Movement will continually target new and emerging global social problems and condemn them to destruction so that the number of hours of sunshine never diminishes again.

Why exactly Elon Musk?

He is currently the richest man in the world and thus has a very big impact on our world with every single public speech (every day). His manifestations are often astonishingly irresponsible and harmful from a social point of view. It is important to note that the problem is not with the person of Elon Musk as a private person, but with the archetype that is called the Anti Christ Person or also known as the Troll Face. That's why Anti Elon Musk became the name of the movement and the world's first anti-troll crypto currency.

Fight fire with fire, it's a troll with a troll.

AntiChrist person

For example: Pope Horst Fuchs, the pope of TeleShop, sells a sock tweezers or a fruit smoothie machine on television with the promise that all your problems will be solved if you buy or say Brian Tracy, the world-renowned motivational trainer, says you just want to succeed and succeed in the world. These are the moments when we can see the manifestation of Anti Christ by those individuals.


A total of 888,888,888 Anti Elon Musk tokens have been made, which can be divided into 8 decimal places and will never be made again.

The transaction fee is 8% ,

7% liquidity fee,

1% project maintenance fee (For Development, Donation, etc.)

Why the number 8?

With this number, the Buddhists marked the path to the elimination of suffering in Nirvana, which is called the “noble eightfold path” because of its division into eight. And these are the right recognition, the right thinking, the right speech, the right action, the right lifestyle, the right effort, the right reflection, and the right immersion.

The Troll face is the person who, if you leave a room, there will be more than one right there. If Elon Musk leaves a room, there will be eight more right away.

First of all, the number eight has a lot of meanings. Undoubtedly the best is the number system 12, in which the eight means two-thirds, ie a ratio (we also use the number system 12 to measure time). The opposite is the number system of 10 where two-thirds of 6.66 is a non-round number, which is moreover a symbol of evil or also known as the number of Satan. While 666 is the number of the dark side, the eighth is all positive and the eighth is 888 the bright side.

Elon Musk is the leading wizard on the dark side who is destroying our world with his troll army. The Anti Elon Musk movement is the leader of the bright side.


Our only female founding member says it’s just because :)))) and anyway Elon Musk is eight letters!

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